MOOCs Emerge As Disruptors To Corporate Learning

Forbes Magazine now running stories about MOOCs.

The articles based on research done by Future Workplace.  Their survey was fielded to 222 heads of Human Resources, Corporate Learning and Talent Management, and they also conducted a number of interviews with senior HR leaders to understand the drivers behind creating a company MOOC, the benefits and barriers, and the long term impact of MOOCs on corporate learning.

Their four findings were:

  • MOOCs offer companies an innovative online learning design for employees plus the ability to externally offer MOOCs to attract potential new hires and new customers.
  • Companies want to go beyond creating MOOCs to also curate a wide range of open learning assets.
  • The top three barriers to experimenting with MOOCs inside companies include a lack of budget, technical and security issues and a lack of skills among corporate learning professionals to design MOOCs.
  • Top resistors to experimenting with the MOOC model were employees in the Corporate Learning Department.

Future Workplace are running a webinar on 24th June to give more detail.

Innovative MOOCs Take Learning in New Directions

The MOOC philosophy has always come across as “Go big or go home.” But some of the most interesting experiments occurring right now would better be described as “Divide and conquer.” These undertakings — one an experiment at Harvard (MA) and the other a longer-term commitment at the University of Michigan — are allowing schools to try out new practices from a narrower perspective, while still impacting the broader workings of the institution.

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