The LMS – Catalyst or Albatross

The LMS is still a massive commitment for any organisation, both in terms of staff resource and budget.

Get an implementation wrong, and you can be saddled with an albatross for few years to come; get it right, and it can form the backbone to a dynamic learning culture.

Here’s a couple of current articles that will give you a few ideas about what to be aware of when you are in discussion with your chosen vendor short-list. Continue reading The LMS – Catalyst or Albatross

We have fetshised ‘Leadership’, we’re all leaders now, rendering the word meaningless

Another piece from Donald that makes me smile.

” ‘leaders’ adopted delusional strategies based on over-confidence and a lack of reality”

“Managers who now saw themselves as ‘Leaders of the pack’ engaged in behaviours that flowed from the word. They became driven by their own goals and not the goals of the organisation or others.”

“Rather than focus on competences and sound management, fuelled by greed, they focused on personal rewards and ‘go for broke’ strategies.”