Donald Clarks Learning Theorist Series

Donald Clark is running a series of articles on Learning Theorist – it’s pretty extensive:

Calvin (1509-1564) – Teachers as preachers… deficit model…

Locke (1632-1704)… Motivation and habit…

Marx (1818-1883) – Education as class war…

Chomsky – Education as indoctrination

Vygotsky (1896-1934) – Social constructivism… Oft-quoted, rarely read…

Bruner (1916-2016) – Constructivist scaffolder…

Neill (1883 – 1973) – Summerhill…

Bandler – NLP – training’s fraudulent cult…

Skinner (1904-1990) – Radical behaviourism and bomber pigeons…

Miller – Magic number 7 and chunking… referred to himself as being ‘plagued by an integer’!

Ericsson – Deliberate practice… retrieval cues…

Atkinson & Shiffrin – Memory Matters

Baddelley – Working Memory

Tulving – Episodic and semantic memory

Sweller – Cognitive Load Theory

Ebbinghaus – The Forgetting Curve

Dewey – Practical and problem-based learning

James – Learning by doing

Ericsson – Deliberate practice

Bjork – Desirable difficulty

Mager – Learning objectives … Conditions, Performance, Criterion

Bloom – Taxonomy of learning

Gagne – Nine instructional steps

Kolb – Experiential learning

Merrill – Instructional principles for offline and online learning

Fleming – VAKuous learning styles?

Honey & Mumford – All style no substance?

Geary – Evolution and education …

Jay Cross (1944 – 2015) – Informal and workflow learning

Csikszentmihalyi – Go with the flow

Seligman – Positive psychology … but at the cost of realism?

Maslow (1908 – 1970) – That misleading pyramid (5 or 7?) … hierarchy of needs

Kohlberg (1927 – 1987) – Moral development …

Martin – Women in education

McLuhan (1911 – 1980) – Global village where the medium is the message

Gardner – Multiple intelligences

Goleman – Emotional intelligence

Myers-Briggs (1897-1980, 1875-1968)

Kirkpatrick – 4 levels of evaluation

Knowles (1913-1997) – Adult learning … andrology

Hattie – Visible learning

Engelmann (1931-2019) – Much maligned direct instruction

Rosenshine (1930-2017) – 17 principles of effective instruction

Willingham – Cognitive science in teaching

Black & William – Avoid hands up … formative feedback

Dweck – Growth mindset

Belbin – Optimal teams – nine roles

Stodd – The social age

Salas – Teaching teams

Wenger – Communities of practice

Papert – Logo, Lego and constructionism

Prensky – Digital natives and immigrants … and games

Downes & Siemens – Connectivism … cMoocs

Mayer – 500 studies of online learning

Nass & Reeves – Computers are seen as human

Venture Capital in the World of Sport

There’s plenty of stories across the rugby world about the potential for venture capitalists chucking some money at our game.

The English Premiership have sold a minority shareholding (thought to be 27%) to CVC Capital Partners for £200m, whilst the same group are rumoured to have made a £500m offer in the Six Nations.

In competition to this Six Nations offers, World Rugby are desperately trying to get on the bandwagon of “revenue maximisation” with their World League , which they claim could be worth £5bn over 12 years.

Lots of money, but what will the new investors get in return, and how much of this “maximised revenue” will make it’s way down to the grassroots of the game so that the real stakeholders of our sport (our local communities where local rugby clubs make it all happen) can evolve and develop.

For a look at the process of venture capital and what VC investors expectations are from their investment, here’s an interesting book review on the Secrets of Sand Hill Road.

Friction – Good or Bad

Had a conversation recently about removing “friction” from the workflow so we speed up and simplify processes – that way we get stuff done with less hassle and resistance.

But then, what about the learning process, cause surely “friction”, or hurdles or challenges creates an opportunity for us to generate feedback and therefore adds value.

I’ve been hearing about the need for fun and engagement in learning, but maybe we need to be focusing on creating the right amount of “friction”.

A Review of the State of Scottish Rugby

We’re six weeks into the competitive season (for some), and looking across the Tennents sponsored competitions (men & women, excluding reserve leagues) we look to have 43 games not fulfilled – 27 men and 16 women. The majority of these appear to be off due to at least one Club not being able to field a team.

At the same point last season, it looks like we had 34 equivalent games not fulfilled in the mens senior competitions (don’t have figures for the womens game).

This won’t be enough data to show any statistical significance, but when we account for the late start to the Calie North leagues this year, the thought is that this season is in the same sort of ballpark as last – probably not great.

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Publishing Disciplinary Outcomes and Personal Data

In their Joint Statement last week, the Board of Scottish Rugby told us they would publish no further information about the Lesley Thomson report due to “staff privacy policies and data protection legislation”, however the Union, under the delegated authority of the Board, publishes personal details of those people who have been called before the Championships Disciplinary Committee.

If you publish personal details about one disciplinary process, then why not the other?

WeegieRugby Predictor

The Predictor started out as a wee article on WeegieRugby to put down on paper who I thought would win across the West 1, 2 & 3 leagues.

In the first week, another seven folk joined in and sent their predictions either via Twitter or Facebook, and from there it has continue to grow, with the Week 2 Predictor very quickly becoming the highest viewed article in WeegieRugby history. Continue reading WeegieRugby Predictor

Is Womens Rugby in Scotland Starting to Encounter Similar Issues to the Mens Game?

If you read my stuff on Facebook or Twitter, I’m sure people get the general drift that I feel the Club game in Scottish rugby is in pretty poor place just now, especially the senior male and youth games. And with several games off across the Cup, Shield & Bowl so far, the evidence is not pointing to a change in my feeling any time soon.

One area for optimism over the past couple of years though has been the Womens game.  Although starting from a very small base, it has been growing, and there does appear to be a general increase in interest in the game as well as an uptick in grassroots activity.
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WeegieRugbyTV – Episode 2

The evolution of WeegieRugbyTV continues with Episode 2.

This week we have the included match photos and videos from the Glasgow Uni Medics v Cowal game and the Strathendrick v East Kilbride game.

Including the photos and videos extends the episode to 5 minutes and we’ll need to gauge if this is too long (will keep an eye on average viewing time). But in saying that, we’ve included two game which we wouldn’t normally do.

Will also experiment on the video, should we be using zoom to get close to the action, or not, so we can get more of what’s happening.