National centre for AI in tertiary education launches chatbot pilot

Jisc and Bolton College have teamed up to develop a chatbot that could help students throughout the UK.

Designed to answer questions about the campus, timetabling and support services, the chatbot offers a quick, always-on route to information for learners.

Trial will run until Easter 2022 and are underway with Ayrshire, Blackpool and The Fylde, Sandwell, and Yeovil colleges.

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Donald Clarks Learning Theorist Series

Donald Clark is running a series of articles on Learning Theorist – it’s pretty extensive:

Calvin (1509-1564) – Teachers as preachers… deficit model…

Locke (1632-1704)… Motivation and habit…

Marx (1818-1883) – Education as class war…

Chomsky – Education as indoctrination

Vygotsky (1896-1934) – Social constructivism… Oft-quoted, rarely read…

Bruner (1916-2016) – Constructivist scaffolder…

Neill (1883 – 1973) – Summerhill…

Bandler – NLP – training’s fraudulent cult…

Skinner (1904-1990) – Radical behaviourism and bomber pigeons…

Miller – Magic number 7 and chunking… referred to himself as being ‘plagued by an integer’!

Ericsson – Deliberate practice… retrieval cues…

Atkinson & Shiffrin – Memory Matters

Baddelley – Working Memory

Tulving – Episodic and semantic memory

Sweller – Cognitive Load Theory

Ebbinghaus – The Forgetting Curve

Dewey – Practical and problem-based learning

James – Learning by doing

Ericsson – Deliberate practice

Bjork – Desirable difficulty

Mager – Learning objectives … Conditions, Performance, Criterion

Bloom – Taxonomy of learning

Gagne – Nine instructional steps

Kolb – Experiential learning

Merrill – Instructional principles for offline and online learning

Fleming – VAKuous learning styles?

Honey & Mumford – All style no substance?

Geary – Evolution and education …

Jay Cross (1944 – 2015) – Informal and workflow learning

Csikszentmihalyi – Go with the flow

Seligman – Positive psychology … but at the cost of realism?

Maslow (1908 – 1970) – That misleading pyramid (5 or 7?) … hierarchy of needs

Kohlberg (1927 – 1987) – Moral development …

Martin – Women in education

McLuhan (1911 – 1980) – Global village where the medium is the message

Gardner – Multiple intelligences

Goleman – Emotional intelligence

Myers-Briggs (1897-1980, 1875-1968)

Kirkpatrick – 4 levels of evaluation

Knowles (1913-1997) – Adult learning … andrology

Hattie – Visible learning

Engelmann (1931-2019) – Much maligned direct instruction

Rosenshine (1930-2017) – 17 principles of effective instruction

Willingham – Cognitive science in teaching

Black & William – Avoid hands up … formative feedback

Dweck – Growth mindset

Belbin – Optimal teams – nine roles

Stodd – The social age

Salas – Teaching teams

Wenger – Communities of practice

Papert – Logo, Lego and constructionism

Prensky – Digital natives and immigrants … and games

Downes & Siemens – Connectivism … cMoocs

Mayer – 500 studies of online learning

Nass & Reeves – Computers are seen as human

Friction – Good or Bad

Had a conversation recently about removing “friction” from the workflow so we speed up and simplify processes – that way we get stuff done with less hassle and resistance.

But then, what about the learning process, cause surely “friction”, or hurdles or challenges creates an opportunity for us to generate feedback and therefore adds value.

I’ve been hearing about the need for fun and engagement in learning, but maybe we need to be focusing on creating the right amount of “friction”.

WeegieRugbyTV – Episode 2

The evolution of WeegieRugbyTV continues with Episode 2.

This week we have the included match photos and videos from the Glasgow Uni Medics v Cowal game and the Strathendrick v East Kilbride game.

Including the photos and videos extends the episode to 5 minutes and we’ll need to gauge if this is too long (will keep an eye on average viewing time). But in saying that, we’ve included two game which we wouldn’t normally do.

Will also experiment on the video, should we be using zoom to get close to the action, or not, so we can get more of what’s happening.


What Will Leclercq Want from their $6m Investment in Moodle

Founded in 2001, Moodle is a leading light in the opensource movement. By relying on partners (there’s currently 84 of them) to pay royalties for using the software, end-users get the software for free (but paying for support and services) whilst funds are generated for the central project.

But now, Martin Dougiamas, founder and CEO of Moodle Pty Ltd, has succumbed to an outside investor, with France based Education for the Many, injecting $6m dollars into the company.

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Integration of NetDimensions going to plan with full benefit of synergies expected in 2018

LTG have today issued a trading update up to the end of June, where they say first half revenue is up 62.5%. Their plan to build an international business with revenues in excess of £50 million appears to be on track. Continue reading Integration of NetDimensions going to plan with full benefit of synergies expected in 2018