National centre for AI in tertiary education launches chatbot pilot

Jisc and Bolton College have teamed up to develop a chatbot that could help students throughout the UK.

Designed to answer questions about the campus, timetabling and support services, the chatbot offers a quick, always-on route to information for learners.

Trial will run until Easter 2022 and are underway with Ayrshire, Blackpool and The Fylde, Sandwell, and Yeovil colleges.

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Jonathan McMurtry shares an outline of his session to the Nudgee Coaching Forum where the theme was Coopetition.

The art of coaching is knowing how and when to communicate, and how this varies from individual. Work on empathetic relationships and having a better understanding of your athletes or players as this will allow you to modify your environment or approaches for greater impact and understanding.

Know your players, know their story, know their context and then put it into practice.

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What is Web3 and Why It Matters

Dion Hinchcliffe gives us some background to, the motivations behind and some of the technologies involved in Web 3.

“Web3 is part of a major new generation of technology evolution that will dramatically change business and IT for the long term. It has far-reaching implications that can help enterprises identify significant opportunities as well as avoid disruptions in the road ahead. I strongly urge all organizations to begin to assess Web3 uptake in their competitive landscape and prepare for the necessary activities in technology adoption and evolution.”


“The dog ate my homework”

from Seth Godin

“When we’re actively enrolled in a journey, it’s on us.”

“Of course, enrollment is frightening. Because enrollment confers responsibility.”

“Compulsory education doesn’t often lead to real learning. That’s because compulsory education is coerced. There’s no active enrollment.”