The Difference Between Losing and Being Beaten

from Shane Parrish on Farnam Street

“There is a difference between losing and being beaten. Being beaten means they are better than you. They are faster, stronger, and more talented.”  “To Larry, losing means something else. It means you lost focus. It means you didn’t concentrate on what was essential. It is all based on a simple but powerful idea: to operate at your highest level of contribution requires that you deliberately tune in to what is important in the here and now.”

WIN – What’s Important Now

Becoming Collectively Smarter

Piece from Harold Jarche.

“People need to learn and work in networks, shifting their hierarchical position from teacher to learner, or from manager to contributor. They need to not only take control of their professional development but find others who can help them. It is becoming obvious in many fields that we are only as good as our knowledge networks. We have to become collectively smarter.”

“We need to take control of our learning, as neither the established institutions nor the markets will help us. Networks are the only answer, but we have to build them.”