The LMS – Catalyst or Albatross

The LMS is still a massive commitment for any organisation, both in terms of staff resource and budget.

Get an implementation wrong, and you can be saddled with an albatross for few years to come; get it right, and it can form the backbone to a dynamic learning culture.

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Tribal Confirms £21m Rights Issue and Move to AIM

As previously indicated, the Board of Tribal have announced a fully underwritten £21m Rights Issue.

The gross proceeds of the 1 for 1 Rights Issue (approximately £21 million), together with the disposal of the Synergy business announced earlier in the month, raises approximately £41.12 million, which will be used to reduce the Group’s net debt.
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World Rugby Response to ‘Ban on Rugby tackling’ petition in the UK

Today, it was reported that a group of doctors and health professionals have written a letter to the UK Government calling for a ban on tackling in school rugby games. This group warns of high risk of serious injury among under-18s from playing rugby and said schools should move to touch rugby and non-contact rugby which is already a popular sport in itself, with more than one million children participating worldwide.
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We have fetshised ‘Leadership’, we’re all leaders now, rendering the word meaningless

Another piece from Donald that makes me smile.

” ‘leaders’ adopted delusional strategies based on over-confidence and a lack of reality”

“Managers who now saw themselves as ‘Leaders of the pack’ engaged in behaviours that flowed from the word. They became driven by their own goals and not the goals of the organisation or others.”

“Rather than focus on competences and sound management, fuelled by greed, they focused on personal rewards and ‘go for broke’ strategies.”


Pause for a Second, and Look at What Might Be Coming Our Way

The top headline for January must surely go to Capita announcing their purchase of Brightwave (though LTGs deal with Ruistici is not far behind).  Corporate activity and consolidation within the e-learning market is not new, but if we take the Capita announcement along with other recent news items, then we should perhaps pause for a second, and look at what might be coming our way.
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Calling out Pearson on Open Badges

from Doug Belshaw – There are some big players in the Open Badges space. One of them is Pearson, which you may find surprising. After all, why would an organisation best known for its rapacious business practices (and who some see as standing for everything currently wrong in education) get into the open credentials game?

The answer, of course, is to commodify it. They’ve taken a leaf from Microsoft’s old playbook: Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish. Pearson even have a page on their site explaining how they’re using different terminology just to spread FUD.

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Is this the final nail in the Flash coffin?

Google have announced that from 30th June 2016, you will no longer be able to upload display ads built in Flash.

And from January 2nd 2017, display adds built in Flash will no longer display.

This announcement from Google follows similar news from YouTube and Facebook in the not to distant past, and sees a number of “outlets” no longer allowing Flash to deliver content. The trend has been moving in this direction, so will it have been a surprise for Adobe – probably not.

The market for effective HTML5 just got a bit bigger.