Friction – Good or Bad

Had a conversation recently about removing “friction” from the workflow so we speed up and simplify processes – that way we get stuff done with less hassle and resistance.

But then, what about the learning process, cause surely “friction”, or hurdles or challenges creates an opportunity for us to generate feedback and therefore adds value.

I’ve been hearing about the need for fun and engagement in learning, but maybe we need to be focusing on creating the right amount of “friction”.

WeegieRugby Predictor

The Predictor started out as a wee article on WeegieRugby to put down on paper who I thought would win across the West 1, 2 & 3 leagues.

In the first week, another seven folk joined in and sent their predictions either via Twitter or Facebook, and from there it has continue to grow, with the Week 2 Predictor very quickly becoming the highest viewed article in WeegieRugby history. Continue reading WeegieRugby Predictor

Scottish Rugby AGM

With the pro teams consuming ever more resources, Agenda 3 and Super 6 coming at us fast, Scottish Rugby is facing many issues which Clubs are now only just waking up to.

Luckily, we have the AGM taking place at Murrayfield on the 4th August, and we should have some pretty lively debate that helps to set the direction around these key issues.

The Politicians have laid the blame, but now it’s time to identify and resolve the issue

So now that the politicians have had a moan about who’s at fault for the chaos on the M80 at Cumbernauld, we need to dig a little deeper into the issue.

Sure the weather is the main culprit, and there’s not much we can directly do about that. There were plenty of warnings about the possibility of problems with a Red Warning from the Met Office which was highlighted ahead of schedule by Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf. He was perhaps a little too enthusiastic in his foreboding before the Red Warning was actually issued and came across as another politician trying to grab the headlines – this probably reduced the potency of the crucial Met Office message as folk politely ignored him and carried on regardless.

But if we look back, we see that at the end of February 2017, the exact same problem arose in the exact same location hit us when “a weather bomb” from Storm Doris struck central Scotland.

Now this is the real issue – the same problem, happening in the same location, two years running – so this is what we should be encouraging our politicians to looks at. You should note that this stretch of road was upgraded to motorway as part of a Government project that was completed in 2011 at a cost of £320m.

As much as we like to criticise the Council, this is not a Council road, it is a Scottish Government road, so instead of laying blame at the foot of the hauliers, perhaps now the politicians can get some folk round a table and sort out what the issue is with the road they designed and now manage, and how the issue will be dealt with more effectively moving forward.

There’s Plenty of Competition – But What is the Health of the Grassroots Game

Piece put together for the WeegieRugby blog asking the question about the health of rugby in Scotland at a grassroots level.

Looking at West 1, 2 and 3, there’s plenty of challenge at the top and bottom of the leagues, but the number of unfulfilled games in these leagues and in the West Regional leagues, suggest that things are far from healthy. Continue reading There’s Plenty of Competition – But What is the Health of the Grassroots Game

One Win and a Slice of Luck Guarantees 8th Spot at Hamilton 7s

The Murrayfield marketing department have issued their update on the 7s globe trotting adventures under the headline of “Top 8 finish for Scotland 7s in Hamilton”, alas a little digging, and it didn’t take much, reveals that whilst they did finish 8th and pick up 10 points as a result, they only managed to win one game out of five.

Continue reading One Win and a Slice of Luck Guarantees 8th Spot at Hamilton 7s

Mt Angung – not headlines news

I’m fascinated by todays coverage of Harry & Meghan. Good for them, but don’t get how it’s the main headline story when as a nation we’re trying to come to terms with things like Brexit, ongoing harassment stories, Catalonia, political turmoil in Germany, whilst things like nuclear war with North Korea could be just around the corner, or perhaps we’ll get a major volcanic eruption in Bali.

When MT Agung erupted in 1963, there were 2000 people killed. But not to worry, we look likes we’ll get a Royal wedding in the spring.