Is Womens Rugby in Scotland Starting to Encounter Similar Issues to the Mens Game?

If you read my stuff on Facebook or Twitter, I’m sure people get the general drift that I feel the Club game in Scottish rugby is in pretty poor place just now, especially the senior male and youth games. And with several games off across the Cup, Shield & Bowl so far, the evidence is not pointing to a change in my feeling any time soon.

One area for optimism over the past couple of years though has been the Womens game.  Although starting from a very small base, it has been growing, and there does appear to be a general increase in interest in the game as well as an uptick in grassroots activity.

However, a review of this weekends competitive results suggests an issue.  There are three competitive National leagues across the country, consisting of 23 teams.  This weekend was the first weekend of the new competitive season – there were 11 matches scheduled – it looks like five of them did not take place.

In the Mens game, if a game is off, it is generally noted on the SRU website the reason for that game being off – so in the two weeks so far of the Mens competitive season, we’ve had 11 games off across the 160 odd Clubs competing, the reason in each case being one Club was unable to field a team.

So far the reasons for these Womens game being off have not been noted on the SRU website, so we have no way of knowing if they have the same problem of the Mens game.