One Win and a Slice of Luck Guarantees 8th Spot at Hamilton 7s

The Murrayfield marketing department have issued their update on the 7s globe trotting adventures under the headline of “Top 8 finish for Scotland 7s in Hamilton”, alas a little digging, and it didn’t take much, reveals that whilst they did finish 8th and pick up 10 points as a result, they only managed to win one game out of five.

So how do you manage to gain 10 points by winning one game, well thanks to France beating Argentina and us beating France, it all came down to the last game in the pool where, if New Zealand beat Argentina by three points or more, then Scotland would qualify on points difference. It came down to the last play, where New Zealand scored in the corner, and then with the help of the post, kicked the conversion, so Scotland qualified, knowing they were guaranteed at least 8th spot.

It’s now the second time they’ve finished in 8th, so they move up to 12th in the overall ranking. However a quick breakdown of the results to date across the four legs of the Series, shows Scotland have managed only four wins out of 21 games.

I’m guessing most folk will focus on the headline, so not sure how many people will realise how low their success rate, but I suppose the marketing department have to keep the good news flowing so they keep selling their stuff to the punters.

Murrayfields marketing bumph on the Hamiltons 7s is here.