Simplifying and Streamlining the Bye-laws

Motion 1 at the SRU AGM failed to meet the 2/3rds majority required for it to be implemented, but it’s a bit disingenious to say the only reason it fell was due to the word “determination” in respect of the Boards powers to change the leagues and, international tickets.

It was billed as a motion to simplify and streamline whilst at the same time providing additional clarity to the bye-laws, the impression given was that there was no fundamental change to the overall bye-laws.

Yes there were changes giving the Board full control over the structure of competitions, and yes the part which gives Members the right to buy international tickets on an equitable basis was being removed, but additionally there were a number of other changes which Clubs should probably have had a chance to discuss & then decide if they wanted implemented, these include:

  • change to criteria for new members joining
  • removal of section relating to Trustees
  • change of Council structure with removal of Exiles rep
  • change of dissolution statement transferring powers from Council to Board

So yes, there were a couple of big ticket items which got the juices flowing on the day, but additionally there were a number of other amemdments to the Unions governing document which Clubs should probably have had an opportunity to have input to.