Does mobile technology provide the opportunity of universal access to learning experiences?

eLearning for many years offered the tantalising prospect of opening up the world of learning & development to the population at large.

Whether you have a job or not, have the funds available or not, or come from a background where learning is not encouraged, technology solutions give us the chance to open up learning opportunities to a wide population.

However recent experience doesn’t match the rhetoric, as we see eLearning being used primarily in a corporate environment, be that industry or education. So what then for those who are already excluded (for whatever reasons) from these opportunities?

Sure they can access how-to videos on Youtube, or download resources from Google, but is this learning that matches their needs, and in fact, is it even learning (see Clark Quinn – Defining Microlearning).

Mobile provides us with an opportunity, but what do we need to be doing differently from previous versions of eLearning to make it work for society at large?

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