Nassim Talebs 2016 Commencement Address to American University in Beirut

“One should never do anything without skin in the game. If you give advice, you need to be exposed to losses from it.”

“If something is nonsense, you say it and say it loud.You will be  harmed a little but will be antifragile –in the long run people who need to trust you will trust you.”

“I have a single definition of success: you look in the mirror every evening, and wonder if you disappoint the person you were at 18, right before the age when people start getting corrupted by life. Let him or her be the only judge; not your reputation, not your wealth, not your standing in the community, not the decorations on your lapel. If you do not feel ashamed, you are successful”

“I hesitate to give advice because every major single piece of advice I was given turned out to be wrong and I am glad I didn’t follow them.”
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