How do you Define Maximum playing time in Age Grade Rugby (RFU v SRU)

Just as we are coming to the end of the first year of the new conference system for youth rugby in Scotland, where the ultimate goal is to see whole Club v Club and School v School competitions from U13 to U18s (and ultimately all played on a Saturday), so the RFU brings out their own revision to age grade rugby, under the banner of Regulation 15.

The RFU seem to have approached this in a slightly different way from the SRU, in that they have established the new system as part of their rules and regulation, and not a “policy”, which is open to interpretation and discussion.

As I say, the RFU are approaching things differently from Murrayfield.  Instead of a league competition from U13, RFU are saying competitive league matches will only start from Under 15, with triangular matches and tournaments for ages below 14.

Another difference for the RFU is that they have been quite clear on maximum game time per day.

Murrayfield have multiple definitions and appear unable to clarify what exactly they mean by them, stating maximum playing time in a 24 hour period or a weekend (whilst noting a weekend includes a Friday evening).  RFU have clearly broken things down by age band, and state a maximum minutes per day as per World Rugby regulations. No mixed defintions, no depending on what conference level you are in.

So for example, in England, an Under 16 can play 90 minutes a day (i.e. a full game a day or two part games). In Scotland, an Under 16 can play 90 minutes in a weekend (which includes a Friday evening – a 55 hour window) – call it two games a week.  So fundamentally a very different approach to the amount of games you want kids playing rugby.

I wonder what the difference in the consultation process was that you come up with two very different solutions to the very same problem.

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