A Sporting or a Business Decision

How Much is Home Advantage Worth?

The SRU have spent a significant amount of effort telling Committees that they should be running their Clubs as a business, rolling out the likes of John Oates who can tell us how to “exploit” our customers so they spend more money in the Club.

But what about when running things as a business conflicts with the getting results on the pitch?

  • Was the decision to move the Glasgow v Edinburgh game to Murrayfield a sporting or a business decision?
  • If Glasgow wasn’t controlled by SRU, would the game have been switched, or postponed to be rescheduled (just as several other games were over the weekend)?
  • What other major sporting team would intentionally give up home advantage to one of their major rivals?
  • How much is home advantage worth (points on the scoreboard or pound in the pocket)?

With access to limited resources, should a Clubs’ focus be on getting the best results possible “on” or “off” the pitch?