Video – Youth Physical Development Model

Video from Sports Coach UK and Sport Scotland detailing the ‘Youth Physical Development Model’ and what this means for the development of ‘Fundamental Movement Skills’, along with a new advice following recent research that we should be including strength training at all age groups.

Disconfirmations, Framing & Satisficing

A quick summary from Ben Carlson on Robert Cialdini new book, Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade.

  • Avoiding mistakes is often more important than seeking brilliance.
    Framing can influence your thought process in both positive or negative ways.
  • There are subtle ways in which you can be persuaded to make decisions that you may not be aware of.
  • Before the persuasion even begins there are triggers that can cause us to lean in a certain direction in terms of how we view certain decisions.
  • In increased awareness of these techniques can help you avoid mistakes and also increase your ability to persuade others.

One in 11 Scottish species threatened with extinction, new study finds

It’s not too late to save nature in Scotland but we must act now – that’s the conclusion from a coalition of 50 leading wildlife and research organisations behind the State of Nature 2016 report.
Great Yellow Bumblebee
Following on from the groundbreaking State of Nature report in 2013, leading professionals from 50 wildlife organisations in Scotland have pooled expertise and knowledge to present the clearest picture to date of the status of our native species across land and sea.
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Lost in a Sea of eLearning

A quick question, when was the last time you sat down, and asked your learners what they thought of your eLearning, and I don’t mean a quick smile sheet exercise, but some digging – identifying the opinions and feelings about what they experienced.

Well, Queen’s University Belfast have done just that with a group of students who are increasingly using eLearning during their 5 years of study.
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Analysis of head impact exposure and brain microstructure response in a season-long application of a jugular vein compression collar

British Journal of Sports Medicine – Could a jugular vein neck collar help to reduce the possible concussive effect of head impact?

“study has generated initial evidence for a potential protective effect of the collar device”

“It supports the notion that the approach of protecting the brain internally via jugular vein compression may be a promising alternative”

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How do you Define Maximum playing time in Age Grade Rugby (RFU v SRU)

Just as we are coming to the end of the first year of the new conference system for youth rugby in Scotland, where the ultimate goal is to see whole Club v Club and School v School competitions from U13 to U18s (and ultimately all played on a Saturday), so the RFU brings out their own revision to age grade rugby, under the banner of Regulation 15.
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